Our story

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis on 2011 started waves of displacement in Damascus city and in its countryside, therefore so many people have lost their homes and sources of life.These people were in desperate need of immediate help like: shelter, food, clothes and so on.During these tragic events, many of young men and women volunteered spontaneously to help as much as possible the affected families by raising in-kind donations and providing them to the displaced. But that aid process was not good organized due to lack of experience to cope with that disaster.Over time and an increase in the number of displaced persons, we have found new horizons for the need to organize our relief works and to provide more effective aids.In mid-2012, our relief group took the name ‘’New Horizons’’ as the name for this team to provide a better life and build new horizons.With the establishment of the organization and with the self-financing of the members and the assistance of some merchants and churches in Damascus, we were able to finance and implement many relief projects until 2016.Despite this success and the growth of our work, we have faced many difficulties, the hardest of which is the loss of lives of some members during their relief work. Because of that difficulties, most of the organization’s members were forced to leave Syria and finish their works.In the tenth month of 2017, a number of former members of the Organization met in Germany and decided to reactivate the work of the Organization with new relief and development ideas.