strategic goals


The strategic goals of our association should be realized through the following measures:


  • Projects to empower women in families and societies;
  • Projects of education, training and vocational training with special attention to equal access for girls and women;
  • Refugee aid and resettlement projects;
  • Cooperation with other aid organizations to promote mutual understanding and common realization of the above objectives;
  • Reconstruction and rehabilitation measures;
  • Programs to promote self-help efforts of the poor;
  • Improvement of local and national infrastructure;
  • Supporting the public youth welfare service in the implementation of child and youth welfare measures through offers of youth work, youth social work, educational protection of children and youth as well as the promotion of education in the family,
  • Help for education, integration assistance for mentally disabled children and adolescents and assistance for young adults in the sense of SGB VIII
  • Psycho-social help, trauma treatment; Establishment of centres for (social, legal, health) advice; Promotion of inter-ethnic encounters; Building multi-ethnic networks; Reintegration measures for refugees; Assistance in civil conflict transformation, assistance in building democratic structures, awareness of human rights, etc.;