Vision & Mission


Everyone has the right to respect for their human dignity, regardless of gender, origin, language, homeland and origin, religious or political views and economic conditions. The objectives of the New Horizons e.V. are the realization of the rights of families, children and young people to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. to improve the situation of children, adolescents and their families in the world, to protect them from violence, not only physical nature, but also mental. They promote their development in terms of a self-determined way of life, social participation and a socially competent person. In addition, New Horizons e.V. is committed to secure these rights, to a world without poverty and misery, to a world of hope, tolerance and social justice.




Our association’s mission is to raise funds to support vulnerable people, promote disaster and civil protection and to promote development cooperation, promote peaceful and decent human coexistence, and support and promote action and appropriate activities, promoting youth care and childcare, Education and the promotion of international sentiment.