Help to survive

Place: Yarmuk Camp.

After the outbreak of war in Syria early 2012, so many people and families have been forced to escape to a save areas in Damascus, to survive their lives and save their children. The displaced people have been welcomed from the inhabitants of the save parts in Damascus.

So many families were housed in schools and mosques, where all displaced people were in need of life-necessities like a shelter, food and clothes.

During this events, many young men and women have volunteered spontaneously to help this huge number of war-affected families, and that is done by collecting donations in kind like: food, children accessories, cleaning materials, clothes, mattresses and blankets and give them to the displaced people.


Bread is life

Place: Old Damascus.   Project duration: 2013-2016

After escaping many people and families from countryside of Damascus to the center, so many problems have started to appear like waiting 5-8 hours everyday on the line to get bread from the bakery or buying it at a high prices, where bread is considered one of the most basic daily food for Syrians, therefore it was a real hardship for both displaced people and residents to get bread. that is why was it important for New Horizons team to help by providing bread with the same official price and bringing it to one of the neighborhood in the old city where many people refuge. Also bread was given for free to old and disabled people and to the poor and the needy.


Fuel supply

Place: Jewish neighborhood.    Project duration: 2013-2016

Because of hosting lots of people who had to escape from the war in Damascus, it had to be several crisis due to overcrowding in the city. Here started diesel fuel (which people use it for heating in extreme winter time) crisis especially in a lack of electricity. It was a hard crisis for all the inhabitants of the region. New horizons team worked hardly to provide and deliver diesel fuel to all inhabitants in that district every week over the years 2013-2016.

Distribution of diesel fuel, Damascus 2014

Gas supply

Place: Al Ameen, Jewish neighborhoods 

Another crisis started in 2013 in Damascus which was a lack of domestic Gas that people use it to cook food. Poor people could not afford to buy the Gas at double prices. Here was New Horizons team’s duty to coordinate with the State Petroleum Corporation to regulate the distribution of Gas weekly in order to guarantee that all people get the Gas equality at the same official price with a free delivery. The team struggled to offer this service to poor, old and disabled people over the years 2013-2016.


Fight against hunger

Place: Old Damascus and the besieged countryside of Damascus

Project duration: 2013-2015

After what we saw extreme poverty for the displaced and even some residents of the region and the loss of their jobs, the group coordinated with (Bader) organization in Old Damascus to cook, deliver and distribute  food to the residents of the area and to some of the besieged and dangerous areas, which was very dangerous to some members of the group, but the smiles of children and feeding them wiped out all the effort and exhaustion.



Back to School

Schools in Damascus

Date 26.01.2015

After coming a lot of middle school students from the besieged areas around Damascus to do end-of-year examinations, it was necessary to deliver aids to the students to continue their study, despite the difficult circumstances of war and hunger to death. New Horizons group was coordinated with the “Bader” Development Group and the “Syria Trust for Development” and they  purchased stationery, clothing and shoes and distributed them to all students.



Shelter for refugees

Location: Damascus

Project Date: 09.04.2015


  After the Escape of many families who had been trapped in the war for three years and suffered from the scourge of war and starvation, they were taken to school as a shelter but without any other assistance. Here, the role of the group was a new prospect for self-financing, food, clothing, footwear and infant formula, and the group took care of needs of families for two weeks in a row, pending coordination with the UNRWA organization to take care of their affairs, and the features of children express gratitude every time they see us.



Help to survive

Location: Old Damascus, Jewish Quarter.

Project duration: 2014-2015

  In coordination with the Church (Mar Yaqoub Diat), new horizons group distributed kitchen utensils, creams, baby clothes and food more than once to the displaced who are living in the neighborhood.



Women can do

Place: Damascus Women Center.

  A group of new horizons has prepared a feast of food in the Women Center for a number of disabled and elderly and orphans from the displaced areas and the group has shared food with them   in order to make these elderly and disabled and orphaned feel our support and participation and that we did not forget them.



Drink water supply in Damascus

Location: Old Damascus

Project duration: 2014-2015

 With the intensification of the war in Syria and the multiplication of water sources and pipes in Damascus several times, new horizons group with self-financing has equipped a car with water tanks, pumps and hoses to deliver drinking water to the homes of the families who are living in the region, by filling the car with drinking water and deliver it to the needy .

We have devoted this service to the urgent need for water needs despite the great difficulties in securing this service.

 that service was important to us to provide it first to families with special cases of disability and senior citizens and then to other families.


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